! Audio triggers MIDI

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with! you can trigger midi notes with audio.

whenever an incoming audio signal passes the threshold level, it sends an automatic message and a midi note is triggered. and you don’t have to map anything! simply drop them onto audio and midi tracks!

how to use?

  •! = two devices: a sender and a receiver.
  • drop “ SEND” into any audio input track [mic/other]
  • set the Threshold level (the horizontal dark line)
  • drop “ RECEIVE” into a MIDI track [+instrument]
  • scroll to choose a note to output

you can use up to 8 devices per project!

add stepMELODY to trigger sequence of notes using! does not introduce any extra latency - for best results lower your buffer size (audio settings). have fun :)

  • Max for Live Device

  • for
    Ableton Live 10 Suite +
  • Max for Live Device
  • forAbleton Live 10 Suite +


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